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Hamza is a senior member of the Maadoran Boatmen of Styx.

Old Hamza was a man of few words. He never had much use for them in his line of work. You get a job, you get it done, you get paid. If you do a good job, there will be more jobs. What's there to talk about? Hamza joined the Boatmen when he was fourteen, when things were simple. These days everything was changing too fast and it didn't sit well with him. The Boatmen never bowed down to nobody and that was a good thing. Made Hamza proud. These days... These days, the business was good, but the guild was practically eating out of Gaelius' hand and Hamza wasn't sure he liked where things were going.

Background[ | ]


"My uncle brought me in when I turned fourteen, figuring that I was old enough to 'work'. I've been here ever since."

~ Hamza

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"It was a different time. The guildmaster did raise an eyebrow, then looked at me and said, "Taking lives is an honorable job for honorable men. Are you an honorable man, young Hamza?" I was scared that he would turn me down, so I nodded, hoping for the best, and that was it.

"I killed my first man a week later. Stabbed him at least ten times and watched him bleed to death. I remember standing there, covered in blood, still in shock, looking at the dying, pleading trader and thinking that it didn't feel very honorable. Thought that maybe I did it wrong."

~ Hamza

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Testimonials[ | ]


"You don't need to have people in your pocket to be able to pull their strings. Hamza is loyal. He's a straight edge, as you people say. Fortunately for me, he's more loyal to some misplaced ideals than to Darista. Don't worry, he'll make a fine guildmaster."

~ Lorenza

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Quest[ | ]

Training[ | ]

Check: Boatmen of Styx Reputation:[10], completing Antidas' Hoard quest

All Combat Skills Training +1 and 20 combat skill points worth of training, allocated in the following order:

  1. Critical Strike
  2. Combat skill points

Each skill will not increase by more than 1 level and no more than 20 points worth of training. If all skill(s) are sufficiently high, the [PC] will simply get combat skill points. Any leftover points will also go to combat skill points.

If your Critical Strike skill is at least 7, you will gain +10 Critical Strike skill training instead

code: rwd_training(Hamza)

Gameplay[ | ]

Related Achievements[ | ]

The Guildsman

Game Files[ | ]

NPC_Hamza_01.xml, Quest_AG4_01.xml, Quest_AG4_04.xml, Quest_AG9_01.xml, Quest_IG4_01.xml, Quest_MG5_01.xml