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Harran's Pass is one of the places in The Age of Decadence.


In the stories, it was a legendary place, high in the mountains. Great warriors, each worth a hundred of the wasteland scum, were tasked to ensure the safety of the southern cities. Time and time again, they held the pass against those who would destroy people. Travellers bold enough to brave the dangers spoke of towers almost touching the clouds, picturesque views, and the horrors of the wasteland.

As usual, the reality proved to be far less glamorous. The pass is nothing but a wide ledge on the side of the mountains. Two walls blocked the ledge, forming a makeshift fort, housing two small buildings - a place to sleep and a place to eat? - and two old, weather-beaten, wooden towers threating to fall apart at any moment.



This place can only be accessed by following either Imperial Guards or House Aurelian questline in Maadoran.


Bass has a groove sphere that is used for Surgical Kit. Bass can be killed if player side with the Ordu.