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Healing Salve

Healing Salve is a potion]that can be created using the Alchemy skill. A medical ointment that's used to heal wounds. The effect is instant.

  • Restores hit points outside of combat, via right-clicking.
  • Stops bleeding in combat, accessible via belt slot.

Making[ | ]

Base reagent for healing salve is Cassava Root.

Healing Salve by Alchemy Levels[ | ]

Alchemy Heals Weight Sell price
L2 15 HP 0.1 lb 20g
L4 20 HP 0.1 lb 30g
L6 25 HP 0.1 lb 40g
L8 30 HP 0.1 lb 50g
L10 40 HP 0.1 lb 60g