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Helmets protect the head of the wearer, however they do not add to overall defense. Their statistics are only utilised when struck on the head. Not all opponents will aim attacks at the head, but leaving it unprotected will definitely be considered an open invitation by many more experienced and skilled opponents.

Helmet statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Damage Resistance (DR) - usually less than most armor DR, so even if you fail to score a critical hit, you'll cause more damage if you can actually hit someone's head.
  • Hardness - measures your helmet ability to resist a damage during head aimed attacks.
  • Versus critical (vsCritical) - the heavier the helmet is, the better it protects you against Critical Strikes, but the more it limits your field of vision.
  • To-hit penalty - a helmet's design may limit your vision, thus reducing your to-hit chance.

Sortable Table[edit | edit source]

After click on the first column of choice for sorting, you may press shift+click for a secondary sort. [1]

Cat ID Description Material DR Hardness vsCritical THC penalty Image
1F 1103, 1104 Silk Ordu Helmet - A common male/female silk hat of the Ordu, good for keeping the sun off and your hair in place. Silk 1 5 15 0 x90px


1F 1121 Open Hood - Originally designed to protect the face during sandstorms, hoods later became popular among those wishing to conceal their identity, such as thieves and assassins. This version shows the face of the character (like Varro's pic). Cloth 4 30 40 4 x90px
1F 1208 Iskefe - A simple hat in the shape of a truncated cone. Cloth 1 0 5 0 x90px

2L 1101 Leather Barbari Helmet - Basic leather headgear adorned with bull's born. Among the barbarians, this type of helmet is worn only by the bull killer himself. Leather 2 5 15 1 x90px
2L 1102 Heavy Barbari Helmet - Strike fear into primitive foes with this heavy leather helmet adorned with a bull's horns! Leather 3 10 15 2 x90px
2L 1102 Heavy Barbari Helmet - Strike fear into primitive foes with this heavy leather helmet adorned with a bull's horns! Leather

Masterwork, Hardened

3 22 15 0 x90px
2L 1105 Leather Numeri Helmet - The Numeri were not know for the quality of their gear, but this leather helmet comes with a decorative spike on top. Leather 2 5 15 1 x90px
2L 1110, 1111 Leather Ordu Helmet - The distinctive male/female conical leather helmet of the Ordu, with neckguard. Beware, lest you be mistaken for an Ordu at a distance. Leather 2 10 25 2 x90px


2L 1112, 1113 Studded Ordu Helmet - A heavier version of male/female Ordu hat. Leather 3 15 25 3 x90px


3M 1107 Murmillo Helmet - A full helmet commonly used by murmillo gladiators, sporting a high angular crest and a broad curved brim. Vision is somewhat impaired by its full facial visor, penetrated by narrow gratings for the eyes. Bronze 6 30 70 10 x90px
3M 1108 Auxiliary Helmet - A serious helmet for the fighter unconcerned with decorations and ceremonies, the Auxiliary helmet is reinforced with a metal ridge along the cranium for extra protection against overhead strikes. Bronze 5 25 60 8 x90px
3M 1109 Phrygian Helmet - A very unusual piece of headgear, this helmet sports a high, conical peak resembling a common peasant hat, and a next-to-full facemask offering a combination of defense and relatively unimpaired vision. Bronze 5 25 60 8 x90px
3M 1114 Legionnaire Helmet - The standard helmet of the Imperial Legions offers basic protection and cheek guards. The face is open, allowing for maximal field of view. Bronze 3 15 40 4 x90px
3M 1115 Attlic Helmet - A full metal helmet with cheek and nose guards and a front-to-back horsehair crest. Bronze 5 25 60 8 x90px
3M 1116 Centurion Helmet - Traditional centurion helmet with a distinctive, transverse horsehair crest -crista transvera- which allowed legionnaires]] to recognize centurions in the chaos of battle. Bronze 3 15 40 4 x90px
3M 1117 Praetorian Helmet - Traditional helmet of the Praetorian guards with a distinctive reinforced fore-grip and a front-to-back decorative crest. Bronze 3 15 40 4 x90px
3M 1120 Imperial Helmet - The heavy helmet of the Imperial Guards, with nose and cheek guards and the unmistakable double horsehair crest. Bronze 4 30 40 4 x90px
3M 1129 Wolf Helmet - A wolf skin worn over a standard iron helmet to terrify your enemies. In the long forgotten days, such helmets were worn only by standard bearers. These days, it's a fashion statement. Iron+Wolf Skin 4 30 40 4 x90px
3M UNQ_Zagros Zagros' Helmet - An exceptionally well-crafted iron murmillo helmet, allegedly belonging to a long dead arena's champion named Zagros. Iron 7 50 90 4 x90px
3M not 1132 Warrior's Crown - An exceptional blue steel helmet that provides protection without obstructing its wearer's vision. A long time ago one of the arena champions was crowned with it; since then it was passed from one champion to another until Kadmos walked away with it. Blue Steel 8 75 60 0 x90px

References[edit | edit source]