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Hit Points (HP) - determine how much damage a character can soak up before dying. You're dead if it reaches 0 or less. (HP = CON x 5 + 10)

Please note that once determined during the character creation phase, your character's HP will not be increased - unlike many other RPGs, there are no character progression levels and the HP value is static throughout the game. Consider your decisions carefully.

Situations where you lose HP permanently[ | ]

Warning: Content beyond this point contains spoilers.

  • Outpost - Pass a check to enter the mine Perception:[8] or Traps:[3]. If you fail, you lose 20 HP and permanently lose 2 maximum HP
  • Abyss - gather your resolve and push on Constitution + Strength= [14], with at least 6 points in each stat, but you will lose 5 HP permanently
  • Imperial Power Armor - Ra: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Health Regeneration in combat (-5 HP permanently + for activation Lore:[8] needed)
  • Regeneration potion - Lowers max HP by [x] point(s) - See entry
  • The Raiders - If you fail in your attempt to kill the leader with a dagger, the raiders will knock you down and kick you. By avoiding the blows your dodge will increase by 5 points, but your Max HP is lowered by 2 points.
  • A Friend In Need - [Dexterity][Streetwise] Play a game of chance. Attempt to cheat. Failure leads to Mercato attacking you. -2 Max HP.