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Ending aurelian

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House Aurelian is a one of the greater Noble Houses that survived the Great War.

In the days of Empire, House Aurelian's forces maintained order in the colonies, far away from the bloody battlefields of the Great War. Returning to the rubble and chaos with fresh men and a clear, cold vision, Lord Gaelius I, first of his line, moved swiftly to take control of every town and fort with any strategic value. Today House Aurelian rules Maadoran, the largest city, making every effort to ensure their legacy will be a long one. As the most powerful faction, their prestige is naturally resented by the lesser Houses.

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Maadoran[ | ]

Ganezzar[ | ]

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"Because it was our city once. We opened the gates to House Aurelian and this is how they repaid us!" Lorenza says with sudden anger, as if these centuries old events were still alive in her memory.

"Am I supposed to forget then? Bow to the usurpers with the rest of the rabble? My House ruled this city when House Aurelian was nothing but a provincial lordling with an entourage."

~ Lorenza

 on her motivations


"What do you want me to do about it now? Hand over Maadoran? Bend my knee to Antidas? It's ancient history now."

"House Calani was too weak to hold the city. If it didn't fall to us, it would have fallen to the next strong House. House Calani was given Maadoran by the Emperor. It was a gift. A reward for faithful service. They've never had the strength to rule over it. They governed the city in the Emperor’s name, relying on the Imperial army. They lacked the strength to hold it on their own."

~ Gaelius

 on his motivations

Members[ | ]

  • Gaelius I: Ancestor who seized Maadoran and other strategic settlements
  • Gaelius: 27th and current Lord of Aurelian
  • Serenas: Nephew of Gaelius