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House Crassus is a Noble House - one of the seven that survived the Great War.

Withdrawing from war and politics, House Crassus dedicated itself to the sciences and arcane research, particularly in planes of existence. Consequently, they were instrumental in the Summoning, having constructed the portal and the many machines that powered it. Most mages perished in the last days, depriving the House not only the generations of wisdom and research, but of clarity and focus. Today House Crassus calls for proper worship and the restoration of the gods.

"Way back when House Crassus and the Magi were pretty much the same thing," says the man, pleased that he knows something you don't.

~ Street hustler of Maadoran

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Linos.png "It is said that their House played a key role in the Summoning that brought the High Lords to our aid. They built temples for these Lords and spent day and night there, learning from them."

~ Linos of Teron

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