House Daratan

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Once the largest and most influential Noble House, controlling seven provinces and more than 20 legions, House Daratan was almost destroyed during the War. Today less than 100 people still loyal to the Daratan name control a small town named Teron, that has definitely seen better days. As House Daratan draws its last gasp, some within are preparing for one last fight, to shift the balance of power and restore the noble House at any cost.

History[edit | edit source]

House Daratan was born during the battle of Dar Attan, where Legatus Legionis Tiberius Catulus, great ancestor, had shown the world the true meaning of courage. With less than a full legion, Catulus faced twenty thousand men and stood his ground. He could have retreated and waited for reinforcements, but cowards never accomplish anything. Catulus saw an opportunity and he took it. After the battle, the Emperor himself named Catulus the Dux per Dar Attan, calling him dux bellorum - the dux of battles - the highest honour for a warrior. Tiberius Catulus had set standards against which every Lord of this House has been measured. Within a century, a humble House has become the most powerful and influential House. It was at the forefront of every war, every battle. Daratan legions had always stood their ground, no matter the odds, but the war with Qantari demons was unlike any other and had taken a large toll. It had sapped House strength and power. The first become the last.