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Inferiae is one of the locations in the Empire.

A small village overlooking a hill, Inferiae is named after sacrifice offered to the souls of dead heroes, a practice the locals take very seriously.

Intro[ | ]

As you get close to Inferiae, you see more and more villagers going about their business. As they notice you, they drop what they are doing and follow you back to the village. By the time you reach it, there is a large crowd trailing you. At the moment, they don't seem to pose any danger to you.

Rather than a proper village or a settlement, Inferiae turns out to be a small group of makeshift dwellings sitting on a hill overlooking the desert. When you get closer, you see that the dwellings circle a large area at the crest of the hill, decorated with stones. The stones form what appears to resemble a giant eye, with a gaping hole in the middle where the iris should be.

Lore[ | ]

Inferiae is a village located somewhere in the wasteland, and it does not appear to be under the influence of any of the major Houses. The village is shrouded in myth, which rumor that the village is built around a pit that connects this world to the world below and that its inhabitants sacrifice lone travelers by throwing them into the pit, in return for the protection of the dead. Something about the rumors must be true, since raiders avoid the place like the plague. What is certain, is that something allows Inferiae to survive in the harsh wasteland without the protection of a major House or other similar military power.



"I've heard of a place called Inferiae. Aptly named. In the old days the word meant sacrifice offered to the souls of dead heroes.

"They say the village is built around a pit which connects this world with the one below. Some say it leads into Tartarus itself. I don't know if it's true or not, but I was told that raiders avoid Inferiae as if it were a plague.

The locals have a habit of throwing lone travelers down into the pit, to thank the souls below for their protection and blessings. Maybe it's their madness that keeps them safe, maybe it's the souls of those long gone. I tell you, [PC], the wasteland can be a very strange place sometimes."

~ Aemolas

 on Inferiae

He nods approvingly. "This pleases me [PC]... and the gods as well. Look to Inferiae for the first sign. They honor the old ways there and the gods smile upon them."

~ Oracle

 on Inferiae

Name Origin[ | ]

The name Inferiae comes from Latin, and was coined in the real world's ancient Rome. It appears to have the same meaning in the world of Age of Decadence.


n. pl. 1. (Rom. Antiq.) Sacrifices offered to the souls of deceased heroes or friends.

What happened?

Inferiae was a tower of a magi of the Old Empire. The tower was attacked by Balzaar. When the shields failed, the master escaped via the portal network to warn The First Of the Magi. The tower collapsed shortly afterwards, burying the stone guardian.

Gameplay[ | ]

Warning: This section may contain spoilers for the game.

When the player comes to Inferiae they will be subject to interrogation from the settlement's head, Azra. Failure to answer her questions correctly will result in the player being offered as sacrifice to the pit.[1]

Village[ | ]



Notable NPCs[ | ]

Quests[ | ]

Inferiae Tower[ | ]

Refer to the quest for the walkthrough.

Notable NPCs[ | ]

B1[ | ]

This level is littered with the bodies of the sacrifices.

You immediately encounter...

the stone guardian here.

Inferiae Power Source

The Power Source

B2[ | ]

This level is filled with strange machinery.

Control Panel[ | ]

The panel can...

turn on the portal or kill everyone above your current level.

Portal[ | ]

The portal can...

bring you to the the Sky Minaret. Both do not show up on the portal network.

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