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Inferiae is a quest associated to the settlement of Inferiae. The quest is added to the Journal as you discover the settlement.

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Learn the location of Inferiae
  2. Visit Inferiae.
  3. Go into the pit in center of the settlement.
  4. Choose your way out.

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

Warning: This point onwards contains spoilers.

  1. Learn the location of Inferiae from one of these paths:
    • Travel to the Library of Saross, go into the basement, and wade through the archives to find a map that points to Inferiae.
    • Learn the location from the Oracle at The Arch
  2. Visit Inferiae and talk to Azra. She'll usually let you go but you'll need Persuasion:[6] or Streetwise:[6] to get more information from her. Doing so awards you 2 civil SP and unlock Ganezzar location on the map.
  3. Go into the pit in center of the settlement.
    1. Interact with the [console].
      • go through the [portal] to the Sky Minaret - ends the quest.
  4. Choose your way out.
    1. Climb your way to Inferiae - quest does not end.
      • Sneak your way out.
      • Or fight.

Inferiae Tower[ | ]

B1[ | ]

Immediately encounters the [Demon].

Afterwards, you may search the bodies to find a Rope with grappling hook.

Demon[ | ]

The Demon is the guardian of Inferiae Tower.

You can...


Guardian at Inferiae

  • fight the demon
  • sneak past it Sneak:[3]
    • +1 SP
    • proceed to lower levels to mess with the [Control Panel]
  • introduce yourself and try to talk your way through. Talking your way out of it requires: Intelligence:[7], Persuasion + Streetwise=[8], and Persuasion+Streetwise=[10] or Charisma:[9]. If you convince him that you are not an enemy...
    • +3 civil SP
    • He will activate the portal for you.
    • Additionally, you can kill all in the village with an electric burst.
    • He can also teach you how to use the terminal if you can pass a [Intelligence + Lore]=[15] check.
  • If you previously visited Zamedi and learned about Marcus Domitius Crassus from its guardian, you can claim to be emissary from him. Requires: Impersonate+[Streetwise]=[6] and either [Persuasion]:[5] or [Streetwise]:[5].
  • If you have Tower Ring from Zamedi you can use it to weaken the guardian.
  • If you learned about the guardian's weakness in Zamedi you can strike the guardian to weaken him (Critical Strike:[6])

B2[ | ]

Control Panel[ | ]
Inferiae Power Source

The Power Source

If the demon is not around...

  1. First check Lore:[4], "Give it a whirl!"
  2. Second check Intelligence + Lore = [12], "Keep the sphere stable." (Turns the [portal] on.)
  3. Hidden check Intelligence:[8]+ Lore = [15], "It seems that you can activate some kind of defense mode. Do it and hope for the best."
    1. This kills everyone above you, in [B1] - which means the demon, and in Inferiae.
    2. +3 combat SP, +1 combat reputation, +3 civil SP.
    3. You can take the stairs back to [B1] and loot the [demon] - marked as 'stone guardian'.

Portal[ | ]

If the portal is turned on...

You can travel thru portal to Sky Minaret and pickup The Ghost Hand.

There you can disassemble the portal activation lamp on the minaret and use Large Module in the The Slums well sewers to get access to Monastery Interior Chamber and medical healing machine.

Exiting the well[ | ]

  1. You can exit the well with the aid of a Rope with grappling hook
  2. Throwing skill is required, but you may try again until you succeed
  3. Sneak<=[6] is required to escape the village
    • +1 civil skill point

Successfully exiting to village gains +13 skill points.

When you return, a couple of weird things happen:

  1. The villagers get amazed at your survival, but Azra doesn't order them to arrest you.
  2. Talking to Azra resets the conversations.
  3. The guards outside the pit forbids you from entering.
  4. Visiting Azra again gets you thrown into the pit.
  5. Subsequent returns from the pit doesn't trigger recognition, nor do you get thrown into the pit.

Rewards[ | ]