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Intelligence - Influences starting skill values, and determines starting Skill Points and bonus skill points. It is checked in dialogues and interactions with the gameworld. The bonus skill points are added only to points earned by completing quests, not to points earned for killing enemies and passerbies.

Difficult Checks[ | ]

This point onwards contains spoilers

Single Stat[ | ]

6 pts
The Wind Sweeping Through Towers quest - make a daring plan
7 pts
The Raiders quest - convince Dellar to pay raiders to attack the outpost
Out Into The Open quest - allows to use Sohrab as a bait for Carrinas if he is in your custody
Linos' Gold quest - allows to forge documents
The Loose Ends quest - convince Linos that you are not responsible for his gold being stolen if you signed a Cado's document
Inferiae (Quest) - talk your way out of the confrontation with the guardian
Fetching An Army quest - convince Carbo to let Ordu pass
Taking Ganezzar quest - convince Gaelius to use Ordu against the Imperial Guards
8 pts
Storyteller - required to unlock A Grain of Truth quest
A Matter Of Proof quest - also requires Persuasion+Charisma:[16], convince Antidas to assassinate Carrinas without evidence
Serving A Notice quest - to make Antidas the emperor
9 pts
A Matter Of Proof - forge a perfect evidence
10 pts
A Friend In Need - get Mercato in debt

Combined Stats[ | ]

11 pts
+Crafting, obtain An Ancient Mantra in Teron Palace
12 pts
+Lore, activate the portal in Inferiae
14 pts
+Constitution, survive taking a seat on the throne in Ganezzar Star Room
15 pts
+Crafting, fix the generator in the Library of Saross without the necessary parts
+Lore, learn how to use console terminals from Inferiae Guardian
16 pts
+Crafting, hotwire the Healing Machine in Healing Machine (Quest)
18 pts
+Lore:[10], figure out how to use console terminals yourself
19 pts
+Lore:[10], open portal to The Temple from Zamedi (also requires security codes from Meru's library)