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Lore[ | ]

A strange, softly glowing jar.

Gameplay[ | ]

This item cannot be dropped
There are two jars in the game:

  • One can be found in Monastery Interior Chamber by a portal in the Chamber in a well at The Slums. You need a Large Module to activate the portal (you can get it back when returning, so it won't be spent) and need to pass a [Lockpick: 4] to open the vault and get the jar.
  • The other can be obtained in The Magic Jar quest, or by serving Lorenza in The Conspiracy quest and asking for old trinkets as reward. Thus, to obtain the second jar you will necessarily have to betray Strabos/Commercium; however, this does not remove you from the guild (can move on to Gannezzar Merchant quests) and does not appear to lose rep with the guild (at least not immediately).

It can be used in the Healing Machine with Lore:[8] to upgrade 1 statpoint for STR, DEX or CON.

  • Both jars can be used if you are a Thief however. After retrieving the Commercium's jar for Levir, use it on yourself in the monestary by way of the sewers. You will lose quest rewards and a little Thieves guild reputation, but will not have to betray the guild altogether.