The Age of Decadence Wiki

In The Age of Decadence, the player-character's Journal is a collection of helpful records, references, and reminders. It is accessed by the J key or by clicking the "open book" button on the interface. {image of Journal button}

The Journal is divided into eight sections:


The top two sections divide quests you've taken on into Active and Completed entries.


Quests you've agreed to take on (or occasionally been forced into) which have not yet been resolved


Quests which have come to an end, one way or another - unsuccessfully completed as well as successfully completed


An extensive listing of Crafting procedures and Alchemy formulae, with brief descriptions of the purpose/effect of each


This section keeps track of the pre-war artifacts your character has acquired - whether or not you are aware of their purpose.

{screenshot - I'm thinking just Grooved Sphere & Power Module}


This is your portable mini-Encyclopedia of Important Organizations - just a picture of each major power's banner with a basic paragraph for each regarding their history and motivations.



Once you have traveled to a Location on the World Map, a brief descriptive entry will be added here.

{screenshot - just Teron?}


Each time you meet a significant NPC (more or less anyone who gets a portrait during dialogs), an entry for them will appear here, briefly describing their background, attitude, and reputation.

{screenshot - Antidas and a guild officer or two?}


This is more like a 'notebook' than the rest of the Journal. Each time you discover a notable piece of history or legend - from itinerant storytellers and ancient records alike - a text entry (containing a short version) is added.

{screenshot - maybe 2 or 3 entries}

Some of these entries will unlock dialog options during your investigations.