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In The Age of Decadence, the player-character's Journal is a collection of records, references, and reminders. It is accessed by the J key or by clicking the "open book" button on the interface.

The Journal is divided into seven sections:






This section keeps track of the pre-war artifacts your character has acquired - whether or not you are aware of their purpose.

{screenshot - I'm thinking just Grooved Sphere & Power Module}


This is your portable mini-Encyclopedia of Important Organizations - just a picture of each major power's banner with a basic paragraph for each regarding their history and motivations.



Once you have traveled to a Location on the World Map, a brief descriptive entry will be added here.

{screenshot - just Teron?}


Each time you meet a significant NPC (more or less anyone who gets a portrait during dialogs), an entry for them will appear here, briefly describing their background, attitude, and reputation.

{screenshot - Antidas and a guild officer or two?}


This is more like a 'notebook' than the rest of the Journal. Each time you are told an interesting piece of history or legend (especially an unfamiliar or extremely specific version of an old tale), a text entry is added.

{screenshot - maybe 2 or 3 entries}

Some of these entries will unlock dialog options during your investigations.