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Kemnebi is a mercenerary in Maadoran.

"What do you want?", The man in front of you is in his fifties, his face is deeply lined and weathered, suggesting that its owner spends most of his time outside, probably in the wasteland.

Gameplay[ | ]

He would offer you a job after you progressed in Maadoran Arena and helped Basil with his thug issue or if during Vignette (Mercenary) player has passed Perception and Streetwise check while guarding Gracius.

He can give training in Block, and 15 SP worth of Trading/Streetwise/Civil skills.

Background[ | ]

Kemnebi comes from a family of fighting people. His father, uncle and brothers all worked as mercenaries, serving anyone willing to paid them. During many years he spent as a mercenary, he has met many people, including Gracius, Red Gracchus, Darista, Pavola and Bass.

Quests[ | ]

Game file(s)[ | ]