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Linos' Gold is one of the quests in The Age of Decadence.

Lore[ | ]

Forty Thieves Quest for Thief

Rewards[ | ]

  • 15 SP
  • Forty Thieves Reputation +1
  • Commercium Reputation -1
  • 250 imperials (ambush shipment)
  • 150 imperials (steal partial shipment)
  • 350 imperials (steal entire shipment)

Quick Walktrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Cado in Teron`s Tavern
  2. Move gold to safehouse
  3. Sneak and steal gold
  4. Report to Cado

Detailed Walktrough[ | ]

Talk to Cado in Teron's Tavern. He will order you to intercept the gold shipment. You can:

  1. Ambush the shipment (you will fight against 6 mercenaries).
  2. Traps=[3], suggest making some fireworks to make a distraction and weaken the enemies. With Traps=[4], you can successfuly kill half of the enemy party with an explosion and weaken remaining mercenaries.
  3. Intelligence=[7], suggest forging an order to redirect the gold to a different location
    1. Perception+Lore=[10], forge a letter
    2. Steal a ring
      • Streetwise+Impersonate=[3] and Steal=[4], steal Commercium ring from a merchant
      • You can also disguise as a beggar and steal Commercium ring from a merchant Impersonate=[3] and Steal=[4] (click on the column where cursor changes color to yellow to unlock this option)
    3. Impersonate=[3], redirect the gold to a different safehouse
    4. Persuasion+Charisma=[7] or Streetwise+Charisma=[7] to convince the merchant to take the guard away.
    5. If you couldn't get rid of the guard you will need to kill him first. Sneak+Critical Strike=[7] required.
    6. Sneak=[2], steal the shipment. There are four crates in total and each crate increases amount of required skill by 1, meaning that you need Sneak=[5] to steal all of them. If you fail to get them all, Cado will cut your pay.
  4. You can alternatively tell Linos about Cado's plan for which you will be rewarded 500 imperials. You will then have an option to either immediately leave for Maadoran or return to Cado in which case you will instantly die during unsuccessful ambush of the shipment

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