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Linos' Test is a quest for those who wants to join the Commercium.

Lore[ | ]

Linos asked you to find proof that the gate guards aren't trustworthy.

Checks[ | ]

  • Persuasion:[2] - lets you bribe them
  • Trading:[3] - lets you cut the bribe to 25 coins each

Depending on your Charisma, you may learn additional info from the guards which you may later tell Linos. Depending on how much info you gave him, you will get better rewards.

Rewards[ | ]

  • 25 imperials (Charisma:[4])
  • 50 imperials (Charisma:[5])
  • 75 imperials (Charisma:[6])
  • Commercium reputation increases by 1 (Charisma>[4])

Next Quest in Sequence[ | ]