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Livia is a young woman found in the town of Teron.

Background[ | ]

I was born in The Lusty Nymph in Asmara. I worked the tables when I was young. Worked clients too - they pay top coins for innocent young things and I played that role well. My real gift though wasn't the "theater", as the Mistress called my little acting, it, but the numbers. I could do things other girls couldn't."

"No, I mean it. I started helping the Mistress with the ledgers and she taught me how to run a whorehouse. Not right away, of course. It took years but in the end I was doing most of the work there. The Mistress was talking about opening up another place. You know, better district, better girls, better clients. She said that I would run it. She really trusted me, you know."

"The old Lord died and his sons tore the city apart. I was lucky to get out before the siege. I came to Teron and, well, you know the rest."

First Meeting[ | ]

  1. Find her behind the Teron Tavern
  2. Deal with the situation.

Warning: This point onward contains spoilers.

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Find her behind the Teron Tavern.
    • Failing to notice anything she will steal 52 gold. (ends the encounter)
    • Notice something isn't right Perception:[8], Streetwise:[3] or Steal:[3]
  2. Noticing something isn't right you can either:
    • Push her away (ends the encounter). +2 SP granted
    • Grab her wrist (Dexterity 7)
      • Convince her to work for Cado, if you have the Thief background.
      • Let her go. (ends the encounter)
      • Tell her to give you everything she has. She will reply it's in a house nearby
        1. Sense it's a trap (Perception 8 or Streetwise 3). You can leave (ending the encounter), or follow anyways.
        2. Following her to the house, you face an Ordu, a mercenary, and Livia.
        3. You are given the option to leave, or fight.

If you lose the 52 gold from her, you can still manually enter the house and fight the same trio.

Loot[ | ]

Thieves[ | ]

If you convince Livia to work for Cado, you gain +1 Reputation with the Forty Thieves and you can find her later inside Teron Tavern.
She offers training, which raises your Impersonate/Persuasion/Streetwise by 15 SP.

After Teron[ | ]

If Livia joined the Forty Thieves, she would appear again in Maadoran.

She will tell the [PC] of her plan to become Levir's queen.

Gallery[ | ]