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Livia is a young woman found in the town of Teron.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  1. Find her behind the Teron Tavern
  2. Deal with the situation.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

  1. Find her behind the Teron Tavern
    • Failing to notice anything she will steal 52 gold. (ends the encounter)
    • Notice something isn't right Perception:[8], Streetwise:[3] or Steal:[3]
  2. Noticing something isn't right you can either:
    • Push her away (ends the encounter). +2 SP granted.
    • Grab her wrist (Dexterity 7)
  3. Grabbing her by the wrist you can:
    • Convince her to work for Cado, if you have the Thief background.
    • Let her go. (ends the encounter)
    • Tell her to give you everything she has. She will reply it's in a house nearby.
      • Sense it's a trap (Perception 8 or Streetwise 3). You can leave (ending the encounter), or follow anyways.
  4. Following her to the house, you face an Ordu, a mercenary, and Livia.
    • You are given the option to leave, or fight.
  • If you lose the 52 gold from her, you can still manually enter the house and fight the same trio.



If you convince Livia to work for Cado, you gain +1 Reputation with the Forty Thieves and you can find her later inside Teron Tavern.
She offers training, which raises your Impersonate/Persuasion/Streetwise by 15 SP.