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Lockpicking is one of the civil skills in The Age of Decadence.

The questionable art of opening locks without the right key in a fast and efficient manner. It's a very useful skill for wealth redistribution enthusiasts.

Trainers[ | ]

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Cado can train a thief character in the use of lockpicks. A thief starting at 3 and getting trained by Cado to 4 can handle all of the locks in Teron. You will get +1 civil skill point for each successful pick.

Notable Checks[ | ]

Known lockpicking checks include the following. The numbers are for a skill level that works, the actual requirement may be lower:

-Inn, multiple (4). (These reset if you visit Teron again later in the game.)
-Inn (6) - room upstairs with two sleeping patrons during Act II.
-Feng's roof (4).
-Camilla's house near palace (4).
-Noble house near palace (4).
-Miltiades quest (4).
-Inn: multiple (5); trapped chest (>5).
-Bathhouses in palace district (5).
-Nasir's quest (5).
-Strongbox in slums sewer (5).
-Potions Room's Chest (6).
-Inn, multiple (6).
-Multiple (6).
-Door (8).