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Lady Lorenza - one of the NPCs you could meet in The Age of Decadence.

Lore[ | ]

Lady Lorenza Calani of House Calani was married five times. All five husbands died in unfortunate accidents, adding their wealth and power to House Calani. Lorenza blamed assassins and other Houses. House Aurelian blamed Lorenza's lust for power and claimed, as warning to others, that the "cold and calculating bitch" would never be satisfied with being a mere wife. Neither the warning nor the popular opinion, suggesting that one explanation doesn't necessarily exclude the other, had any effect on the prominent suitors who seem to surround Lorenza at all times.

Quests[ | ]

Lady Lorenza is involved with these quests:

Commercium quests[ | ]

Boatmen of Styx quests[ | ]

Praetor quests[ | ]