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Maadoran - one of the cities in Empire.

Lore[ | ]

Once the jewel of the Empire, now a city of crumbling ruins and forgotten glory. The rivers that fed it dry, its once fertile fields now barren rock and endless, drifting sand.

The Great War devastated Maadoran, almost a quarter of its citizens died in the arcane blast that created the infamous Abyss. The sickness that followed it nearly succeeded in wiping out the rest. But cities rarely die with dignity. Man returned to Maadoran, scavengers seeking to loot the treasures of the past, oblivious to the weight of history around them as they squabbled over food and gold.

"Then you have the Trade district, home to the merchants guild, which pays a fortune in levies and keeps the district on the upper end of the upper end of the scale. You see that golden dome in the distance? That's the Commercium, which is kind of fitting. Maadoran used to be known as the City of Three Temples a long, lomg, time ago. The Commercium bought one, the thieves took another, and the Abyss claimed the third. So now we're the city of two temples: one house the merchants' guild, the other - the thieves guild. What can I tell you? It's the sign of times.

"The Trade district is for tradesmen, moneylender, and improvised nobles. If you're doing well, that's where you settle and consider yourself lucky."

—A guide in Maadoran

"Maadoran was old and wise, already a place of philosophers and statesmen, when the Empire was nothing but an upstart kingdom. Yes, they were brawlers, full of strength and bluster, let us give violence its due. But what would have been their end without our art, our knowledge, our wisdom? The Empire had their legions, my esteemed comrades, but there is a limit to what can be accomplished through brutality. Add culture and knowledge to your strength, and you have a potent force.

"The Old Empire has fallen to dust, a heap of cracked stones where once stood mighty walls. Of ancient Aellium nothing remains but faded diagrams on a handful of mildewed scrolls. Maadoran alone stands, her glory scornful of the passing of mere men, of time and decay, her nobles and lords unfazed by..."

—A storyteller in Maadoran

Districts[ | ]

Maadoran Arena[ | ]

Arena, Imperial Guards Fort.

Maadoran Merchants Plaza[ | ]

Shopping Area, Headquarter of Boatmen Guild, and Merchant Guild

Noble Homes[ | ]

Noble Villas and Palace gate.

Maadoran Palace[ | ]

Maadoran was one of the largest pre-war cities and its palace was an architectural and technological marvel. Four towers surrounding the palace were ready to generate shields, protecting the palace from arcane attacks. Eventually the towers were disabled, but the palace survived. House Aurelian claimed Maadoran after the war and took over the palace and its famous library containing thousands of scrolls from all known lands.[1]

The Slums[ | ]

A maze-like miles-long district avoided even by guards. It's that proverbial rock-bottom you'll end up at when you make too many wrong choices. Ages ago it was a nice and quiet temple district. Since then the temple was raided and almost destroyed, and what's left of it changed hands many times, until the thieves guild decided to move in, controlling the entire district from there.[2]

The Temple[ | ]

Headquarter of Thieves Guild.

The Abyss[ | ]

Deadly Abyss.

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