Maadoran The Temple

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Maadoran The Temple - District Area in Maadoran, considered to be within The Slums.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Headquarter of Forty Thieves Guild

NPC[edit | edit source]

  • Clemens, a local doctor
  • Zeb the trader
  • Trader 1 (black hair, bearded)
    • (To confirm) sells a Mechanical Eye for 200 (100 with a Trading skill check); identifying what exactly the eye is requires a Perception/Lore check.
  • Trader 2 (blond hair, bearded)
    • Sells Black Dow - buy for 400g, sell for 680g
  • Trader 3 (grey hair, bearded)
    • Sells Perforator - buy for 300g, sell for 680g
    • Sells weapons and armors
  • Thief 1
  • Thief 2