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Maadoran The Temple - District Area in Maadoran, considered to be within The Slums. Headquarter of Forty Thieves Guild.

Lore[ | ]

"Then you have the Trade district, home to the merchants guild, which pays a fortune in levies and keeps the district on the upper end of the upper end of the scale. You see that golden dome in the distance? That's the Commercium, which is kind of fitting. Maadoran used to be known as the City of Three Temples a long, lomg, time ago. The Commercium bought one, the thieves took another, and the Abyss claimed the third. So now we're the city of two temples: one house the merchants' guild, the other - the thieves guild. What can I tell you? It's the sign of times.

"The Trade district is for tradesmen, moneylender, and improvised nobles. If you're doing well, that's where you settle and consider yourself lucky."

~ A guide in Maadoran

There was a time - and I'm not talking ancient history here - when the guild was about supporting people who wanted to live by their own rules. If you had trouble with the law and needed a place to stay low, you were always welcome.

"It all changed when the old Temple district finally fell apart. The guards don't want to come here, so the guild became a local power overnight. They may still think that they are thieves, but they've become the lords of the Slums a long time ago. They rule it as surely as the lords rule the rest of the city."

~ Zebeniros (Zeb the trader)

 on Forty Thieves and the old Temple district

NPC[ | ]

  • Clemens, a local doctor
  • Zebeniros (Zeb the trader)
  • Trader 1 (black hair, bearded)
    • As you walk through the bazaar, one stall in particular catches your attention. It displays several skulls, masterfully converted into drinking cups and bowls, and a mummified head.
    • Sells a Mechanical Eye for 200g or 100g (Trading: 5)
    • (MDN_Trader_Slums_01)
  • Trader 2 (grey hair, bearded)
    • "Whatcha need, friend?"
    • Sells The Perforator for 300g or 250g (Trading: 4);
    • Sells weapons and armors
    • (MDN_Trader_Slums_02)
  • Trader 3 (blond hair, bearded)
    • "Pig iron?", asks a man with a rugged, dirty face. "Frying pan? How 'bout a good cast-iron kazan? It's heavy but well worth the weight. No? Eat your food raw, do ya?"
    • Sells Black Dow for 400g or 300g (Trading: 5) or 200 (Crafting = 5)
    • (MDN_Trader_Slums_03)
  • Thief 1
  • Thief 2