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The Magi (singular: Magnus) was an order that served the Old Empire. They contributed much of the technological wonders. Their leaders were called 'First of the Magi'.

Their Qantari counterparts were the Servants of Power.


From Meru's library[]

One particular story catches your eye: it speaks of a war between the Magi but doesn't provide any specifics, focusing on the emotional aspects instead. It speaks of the great schism and greater anguish, of brothers fighting brothers, and of the last great battle that ended the Order and scattered the Magi.

Street hustler[]

"Way back when House Crassus and the Magi were pretty much the same thing," says the man, pleased that he knows something you don't.

Notable Persons[]

First of the Magi[]

This is the title for the leader of the Magi. The last leader was Abu Hassan.


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