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Dimension eye

Mechanical Eye

Mechanical Eye - (Aliases: Dimension Eye; Ghost Eye) The ball of this fancy fake eye is a cloudy blue, a gem unlike any you have seen. The back of the device has eight hinged, outward-curving grips around the circumference, which on insertion would anchor it in the empty socket permanently. The long, metal tube protruding from the back is hollow and about wide enough to fit the thick nerve that runs to the back of a living eye.

Gameplay[ | ]

Warning: this point onward contains spoilers

Discovery[ | ]

As you walk through the bazaar, one stall in particular catches your attention. It displays several skulls, masterfully converted into drinking cups and bowls, and a mummified head.

You aren't an expert, but the head seems to be centuries old. Dark, shrunken flesh, shriveled and distorted features, a lipless mouth. A mummified head like any other, except for one thing - a strange contraption sticking out of the left eye socket.

At first you think it's just a gem in a thick metal frame, but then you realize that the frame is actually a deep tube-like device going deep into the socket.

"Whoa!", says the owner of the head - a dirty, monkey-looking man with restless limbs and suspicious eyes. "You want it, you pay for it, then do whatever you want with it. Two hundred coins."

Options[ | ]

  • Pay him 200 imperials
  • Pay him 100 imperials (Trading: [5])
  • "Where did you get it?"
    • "In a sarcophagus, deep beneath the city", says the man guardedly. "It didn't belong to anyone."

Identification[ | ]


"A rare find... Most of these things were destroyed after the War. Melted in great furnaces and poured away like dirty water.

"They say that such 'eyes' could see what mortal eyes couldn't, although I can't say for sure what it means."

~ Abukar on Mechanical Eye

Hint on function[ | ]

Dialogue between Player Character [PC] and old loremaster of Meru [OL].

PC: "I didn't see a Lord there."
OL: "Then your eyes failed you!" shouts the old man. "It's there! I told you it's there!
 If your eye fails you, pluck it out! It's better for you to see the Lord with one eye than to have two eyes and remain blind!"
PC: How can I see better with one eye than with two?"
OL: If your eye is God-blessed, it will see," says the old man with dead certainty.
PC: How can I acquire such a blessing?"
OL: You can't," cackles the old man. "You need an eye that was already blessed."
PC: Where would I find it?"
OL: "Ha! Where would [he/she] find it? They are gone! Destroyed by the harbingers of Evil! Melted and poured away to cast the world into darkness!
 "But!" exclaims the old man, raising a shaking finger and aiming it at you, "it is your destiny, so keep searching! It's there, I know it. I can feel it, calling to me, hiding from me!
 Stay off the beaten path and you shall find it. Crawl with the worms, soar with the eagles! I have faith in you, my [boy/girl].

Activation[ | ]

The mechanical eye whirs to life as if charged by the mystical energies of this place. You blink, trying to focus, and suddenly shimmering machines appear around you. You look up and see the arch transforming into a massive structure. It takes you a moment to realize that the arch itself didn't change but that you saw only the "˜tip of the iceberg" until now.

The arch is merely a small part of this colossal structure, the only part that is visible in your plane. The rest of it exists elsewhere, somewhere where it will never be seen or found by the uninitiated into the mysteries of the Magi.

Under the Hood[ | ]

  • Console ID: 2205
  • Developer's image files: dimension_eye.png; item_ghostEye.png