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Mercato Breni is a member of the Imperial Guards stationed in Teron.

A capable and ambitious officer bypassed for promotion.

He was next in line for the top job when Carrinas was sent to Teron unexpectedly. He favors Cado's Tavern these days.

Location[ | ]

Quest(s)[ | ]

Gameplay[ | ]

Cheating at dice[ | ]

Female [PC]s require 8 Charisma instead of 9 during checks.

Quest Files[ | ]

Antidas_02.xml, Linos_01.xml, Mercato_01.xml, NPC_Linos_03.xml, NPC_Mercato_03.xml, Quest_MG1.xml, Quest_MG2_01.xml, Quest_MG2_02.xml, Quest_MG2_03.xml, Quest_MG2_04.xml, Quest_MG3_01.xml, Quest_MG3_02.xml, Quest_MG3_03.xml, Quest_MG3_04.xml