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Metal - a mass of metal cast in a convenient form for shaping, remelting, or refining. Can be used as a crafting component.

Lore[ | ]

"Very well. All weapon metals are what's called aleiers - several substances forged together in such a manner that they become a new substance. Bronze, for example, is an aleier of copper and tin. Iron is an aleier of iron ore and charcoal. Steel is iron without impurities. To remove impurities, you must add limestone or glass. They will float to the surface and attract all impurities. Blue steel is an aleier of steel and kobald ore, which is what gives it the blue hue. And finally, the sky metal is an aleier of iron and several rare metals. The trick, as I understand it, is not the rarity of the metals though, but the extreme cold of the void and the heat of the fall."

Young Cassius

List of metals[ | ]