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The Mind Shield is an ability obtained by destroying Maadoran.

It will provide partial protection to the player from Psychic attacks made by the God in the Temple.

Agathoth has a powerful psy attack that drains AP and HP ignoring armor, and mind shield negates that AP loss and 2/3 of the HP drain. - Oscar (dev)(Sep 04, 2015) [1]

Vicious' proposal[edit | edit source]

Vicious' proposal is the the is a player's opinion and proposal. It has not implemented in the game.[2]

The Mind Shield is an ability obtained at great sacrifice - from a gameplay perspective, as well: not only you need the right build to go through the Abyss, but you lose the opportunity to return to a major game hub later on (losing out on some quests).

It is also an ability with great lore background and amazing plot potential.

However, so far there's a feeling it remains underused.

Here are a few suggestions for making the Mind Shield usable:

  • The Arch: protecting the PC from the void dweller;
  • Balzaar: protecting the PC from his influence at all times, not just during the "sacred chamber" encounter in Ganezzar, putting the two on a more equal footing;
  • Replace the Constitution check during the "Ascension" ritual;
  • Faelan: protecting the PC from his psychic powers.

In general, the Mind Shield could be regarded as an ability favouring "evil" protagonists (makes sense considering its nature and the way to obtain it), allowing for the most negative ending with the PC still coming out on top (e.g.: summoning Balzaar, yet remaining free from his influence and using him as a means to become Emperor), as well as a slightly simpler route to becomind a God yourself.

The being from The Arch could play a role in this - as it seems to hate both Balzaar and Agathoth.

References[edit | edit source]