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Monastery is one of the locations in the Empire.

Can be unlocked by healer in Maadoran Merchants Plaza after using her services three times - The Elixir quest.

Note - Do not visit until you're ready to face either the raiders or villagers, because the raiders eventually ransack the monastery.

NPCs[ | ]

  • Village head - you can buy Alchemy components from him
  • Young Villager with crossbow - he's thinking about leaving
  • Villager with crossbow - standing outside house that's near the vault. He's not happy to see the PC despite his gratitude

Rewards[ | ]

  • +15 skill points for violent path (unconfirmed)
  • +6 Civil skill points, +6 skill points, for peaceful path

Monastery Interior[ | ]

This area is forbidden by the villagers (if they are alive).

Titan's Gate

Titan's Gate

Titan's Gate[ | ]

Used to lead to Monastery Interior Chamber. Inaccessible now.

Potions Room

Gallery[ | ]