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More Problem Solving is one of the Quests, a sequel of Problem Solving, continues in the Maadoran Arena district.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Complete Problem Solving during Act II. In Act III, you will find this quest in the journal.
  2. Visit Basil. 3 thugs of Forty Thieves are threatening him and then attack you, the bouncer of him. Kill them. You may collect a protection fee (1000 imperials) from him.
  3. Visit Quintus. Save him from 2 thugs. You may also collect the fee (400 imperials). Now you would be an enemy of Forty Thieves: you would not be able to access the Temple and would be ambushed by 5 thugs at The Slums.
  4. You can go out from Maadoran. When you come back, you will be notified to visit Basil again. A messenger of Forty Thieves waits for you. You may attend the meeting.
  5. At the meeting place, you will meet a Scolopendra and be trapped. Kill it and get out of there.
  6. Visit Basil again. The next meeting is with an Enforcer and 2 Guards of Forty Thieves.
    • You may pledge your fealty to the guild. You have to compensate for the loss with money.
    • You may decline the pledge and kill them. After that, you may collect a protection fee (1000 imperials) from Basil and Quintus.