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Mysterious Contraption - A rusted ball the size of an apple. It's covered with strange protuberances.

Gameplay[ | ]

  • Can be found in Hellgate Underground
    • You see a dead man slumped against the wall. It looks like he crawled here and bled to death from many cuts covering his body. He's clutching a strange metal ball the size of an apple, covered with strange protuberances.
  • Can be identified

    • Need Lore:[6] or
    • It's a magical weapon of the olden days, said to be more powerful than ten black powder bombs combined.

      It's covered with rust and one of the protuberances is loose.
  • Needs to be fixed
    • Need Crafting:[7] to fix
    • Obtains: Mysterious Contraption (Anicent Bomb) - Item ID="213"
      • An ancient explosive device, restored and hastily repaired.
    • Works as bomb 30-40 damage, 5 tiles

Comparison with other top-tier bombs[ | ]

By Alchemy level

Type Level Damage Range vsDR
Black Powder Bomb 10 25-30 5 -
Black Powder Bomb (Strong) 9 20-25 13 -
Black Powder Bomb (Frag) 10 25-30 5 5? [1]
Mysterious Contraption n/a 30-40 ? -

References[ | ]