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Noble Homes - More often referred to as the Palace District in Maadoran. Nobles' Villas are found here.

Intro[ | ]

You enter the palace district, your senses assaulted by the sights and sounds of the sea of humanity around you. Everywhere, people shout and jostle for position - haughty nobles and their routines and guards, guild masters giving orders to scurrying clerks, emissaries from distant lands seeking an audience, servants of the Great Houses on urgent errands, citizens seeking ruling on disputes and tattered petitioners come to beg for aid. A few guards look on in boredom, carefully avoided by the rest; their role seems to be to maintain order in the chaos more than to bar entry and to keep an eye on the slaves labouring to restore the walls surrounding the palace.

In the distance you see the palace itself - a multi-dome structure surrounded by tall minarets. Legend has it that the minarets somehow protected the palace from attacks, during the war. But there is no defence against betrayal; one of the minarets was brought down from within by a traitor. You can see where it collapsed, caving in one of the domes as it fell. There is a slight shimmering in the air around the minarets, even the fallen one, which probably explains why it hasn't been cleared, even after all these years.

Eggresses[ | ]

N - to Maadoran Palace. S - to Maadoran Merchants Plaza.

Events[ | ]

Newcomer Noble Homes


  • As you enter Palace District, you will be approached by a petitioner that may try to sell his Silver Badge to you get in the Palace (250 imperials / 125 imperials with Trading).
    • However, it is a scam! If you buy it, the guard you say that it is not valid and you won't be able to enter the Palace.
    • The twist is, after you talked to the guard, another newcomer will appear near the pillars in front of the entrance. Talk to her. If you have enough Streetwise=4, you will be able to resell your badge for 350 Imperials (+2 SP). Don't push your luck by selling it for 600 Imperials, as some guards will notice it and try to apprehend you for trying to sell fakes.

Quest[ | ]

Caius Amerius Noble Homes

Caius Amerius

You will find Caius Amerius near the Palace gate claiming for justice on his case. Talking to him can trigger The Rightful Owner quest.

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