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Noble Houses - Nobility of the Empire. Seven Great Houses survived the Great War. Some Lesser Houses survived as well.

Background[ | ]


"Let's see", says the annalist going through the scrolls. "In the year 4271, House Tal Gazar seized the domain of House Maracas by force and put its lords to the sword. Twelve years later, Tal Gazar's army was caught by surprise and routed by the Sydonius and Daratan forces, leaving Tal Gazar's domain defenseless."

"House Tal Gazar appealed to the Imperial Guard for protection, starting a lengthy debate on the Charter's provisions and amendments, during which House Sydonius razed the city to the ground and brought the last Lord of Tal Gazar to Maadoran in chains to participate in the debate. He was blinded and castrated but allowed to live the rest of his life in captivity and was well cared for, by all accounts."

"House Sydonius was decimated by the Great Plague of 4358 and lost its last remaining holdings to House Almansor, which held the biggest territory until the year of 4417 when Lord Barhalzi was assassinated and his House torn apart during the succession wars. It officially ceased to exist after the fall of Asmara a few years ago when the last living lord of that once noble House was drawn and quartered at the age of twelve."

~ Maximus Septimius Helva

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"What a foolish thing to ask, [PC]! I care because information is the most valuable and profitable commodity. I care because the Imperial Guards want nothing but power. The Noble Houses kept them in check for a long time, but they have been too preoccupied with fighting each other lately, which is why we have only three weakened Houses now - if you pretend that House Daratan is still a House - instead of the seven that survived the war. So, whatever it is the Guards are up to, I want to know. Surprises are bad for our business."

~ Linos

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Clericus The Imperial Guards took over Cippur two decades back and ran it into the ground. Asmara fell a few years ago. Two lordlings tore it apart after their father's death. The way the story is told, the younger son gathered enough support and deposed his older brother, who somehow managed to escape, hired every mercenary company willing to fight for a cut of the action and returned to claim the throne.

"The siege went on for years and by the time the town fell and the mercenary companies took what they considered a fair share, there wasn't much left of it."

~ Clericus

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Members[ | ]

Great Houses

  • House Maracas: Absorbed by House Tal Gazar in 4271
  • House Tal Gazar: Absorbed by House Sydonius sometime after 4283
  • House Sydonius: Absorbed by House Almansor sometime after the Great Plague of 4358
  • House Almansor: Fell into succession wars after 4417; finally ending a few years ago; used to hold domain in Asmara
  • House Aurelian: Holds domain in Maadoran
  • House Crassus: Holds domain in Ganezzar
  • House Daratan: Holds domain in Teron

Lesser Houses