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Lord Darganus

Noblesse Oblige is one of the quests in Ganezzar.

Talk to Lord Lord Darganus in the Temple District.

Meaning of the title[ | ]

The idea that someone with power and influence should use their social position to help other people.

Game Play[ | ]

Warning: this point onward contains spoilers.

Quest Trigger[ | ]

By saving Elias in The Crossroads quest. He will point you to Lord Darganus.

Expiry Period[ | ]

Elias will not be available after the conclusion of Breaking The Siege quest.

Miltiades Quest Line[ | ]

If you had helped Miltiades in Fool Me Twice..., he will affect the events in Ganezzar.

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Lord Darganus.
  2. Look for Berengarius.
  3. Report to Lord Darganus.
  4. Kill Pancratius.
    • Decide if you kill Hector instead
  5. Report to Lord Darganus.

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Seek Lord Darganus - He will pay you 250 gold to kill some zealots extorting the merchant Berengarius.
  2. Look for Berengarius - who is located in the store in front of the Fort to the right. There you will meet Claudia and a bodyguard.


    • If you let Claudia kidnap the merchant...
      1. Claudia will direct you to Hector - who is on the right side at the beginning of the stairs in Low Town.
      2. If you accept Hector's quest to kill Lord Darganus, this quest ends, and you switch to the second phase of the quest Power To The People.
    • If you kill Claudia...
      1. No battle required and your Body count increases by one.
  3. Report to Lord Darganus.
    1. If you had helped Miltiades in Fool Me Twice..., You have the opportunity to provide some good reference for him, if you intend to continue to Miltiades questline.
    2. Lord Darganus will ask you to deal with Pancratius - whose house is the first on the left after the entrance of the city.


  4. Pancratius is protected by four zealots. You can:
    • Kill them all
      1. Report to Lord Darganus. Ends the quest.
    • Deal with the situation peacefully...
      1. By using Body count or Persuasion + Streetwise.
      2. Pancratius will ask you to kill Hector, who is on the right side at the beginning of the stairs in Low Town.


      3. Note that killing Hector instead of Pancratius will have an impact in the next Miltiades quest if you helped him earlier
      4. When you talk to Hector, he will take you to a house with 2 other zealots to deal with. One of them has the That Which Kills hammer.
      5. Talk to Pancratius again and he will close his doors and don't bother the nobles anymore.
      6. Report to Lord Darganus and finish the quest. This will trigger the achievement: Checks and Balances.

Possible Rewards[ | ]

Next Quest in Sequence[ | ]