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Noblesse Oblige is one of the quests in The Age of Decadence.


Talk to Lord Darganus in the Temple District.


Quest related to the NPC Lord Darganus, who can be contacted after you have saved Elias in The Crossroads quest. He will pay you 250 gold to kill some zealots extorting the merchant Berengarius, who is located in the store in front of the Fort to the right. There you will meet Claudia and a bodyguard. You can either kill her or let her kidnap the merchant.

Killing Claudia[]

If you kill her, there is no battle and your [Bodycount] increase by 1. When you return to Lord Darganus, he will ask for references about Miltiades, if you let him live in the final quest involving him (Fool Me Twice...). You have the opportunity to provide some good reference for him, if you intend to continue working for him.

Afterwards, Lord Darganus will ask you to deal with Pancratius, whose house is the first on the left after the entrance of the city. He will be there with 4 zealots. You can deal with the situation peacefully by using [Bodycount] or [Persuasion + Streetwise]. Alternatively, you can kill them all. By killing them all you will solve the quest when you talk to Lord Darganus again.

If you spare him, he will ask you to kill Hector, who is on the right side at the beginning of the stairs in Low Town. Note that if you regret this decision, you will have the option to kill them all when talking to Pancratius again. When you talk to Hector, he will take you to a house with 2 other zealots to deal with. One of them has the That Which Kills hammer. Talk to Pancratius again and he will close his doors and don't bother the nobles anymore. Talk to Lord Darganus and finish the quest. This will trigger the Checks and Balances achievement.

Sparing Claudia[]

If you walk away, she will kidnap the merchant and point you to talk to Hector if you want to get involved in the issue. After they leave you can loot Berengarius chest behind the balcony with all the merchandise he was selling and money! Apparently, they took the guy, but forgot to take his money...

If you talk to Hector, he will want to crucify Lord Darganus and will form a party to attack his house at night. When you arrive, you can talk your way with the guards with [Persuasion + Streetwise DC 12] and [Persuasion DC 7] or just kill them all. As a reward, you will receive the spear Vindicator. Talk to Hector again to finish the quest and trigger the achievement Power to the People.


  • +10 skill points
  • +12 skill points if done peacefully