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Old Facility

Old Facility - One of the locations you could visit in the Empire.

Ruins are everywhere these days. If you dig deep enough, you're bound to find something, be it tablets bearing cryptic warnings or flying chariots. A flying chariot makes a very dramatic entrance, so be on the lookout for one.

How to unlock this location?[ | ]

Warning: This point onward contains spoilers!

code: revealMapLocation("Hangar")

The guards[ | ]

When you arrive, you see three Aurelian soldiers camping. They will warn you that the facility is claimed by House Aurelian and that you should leave immediately. You can:

  • Сonvince them that you are on their side because you were sent to assess the situation Streetwise:[5] and then Streetwise + Impersonate = [9];
  • Сonvince them that you are on their side because you are an Aurelian Praetor [Aurelian Praetor background];
  • Сonvince them that Maadoran is destroyed and House Aurelian doesn't exist anymore;
  • Kill them all.

Now climb down into the hole.

The locked door

The valve before the door contains a Power Module (requires Perception and Crafting:[5] to spot).

You will find a huge locked door, with a symbol and a keyhole. You can examine the symbol Lore:[4] + Crafting:[4] or the keyhole Lockpick:[6]. After that you can:

  • Craft a key for this lock Crafting:[8] if you passed on the Lore check
  • Unlock it with your skills Lockpick:[8] and Traps:[6] to survive the trap;
  • Blow the door open Alchemy:[5] + Crafting:[5]. If you failed in your attempt to breach the door, the passage collapses and you can't go in anymore;
  • Go back to the entrance and meet the Aurelian engineers that just arrived.
    • You can tell them that there is nothing down there, but he will insist in have a look. You need to dissuade them by intimidation Streetwise:[7], extortion Streetwise + Trading = 10], bribery Trading:[7] and you pay him 500 imperials, or force, killing them*;
    • You can also convince them to open the doors for you if you are an Aurelian Praetor with Streetwise+Persuasion=[12], or House Aurelian reputation [15].
  • If you didn't take off and killed the engineers, when you crawl back to the surface, the guards will ask about them. You can:
  • Also, if you didn't take off and didn’t kill the engineers, you can convince the engineers not to seal the place, in case you want to come back with Streetwise [8] or if you are an Aurelian Praetor with House Aurelian reputation [15].

Inside the hangar

You will find a console on the ground floor, near the door that was just opened. You need to replace one of the Power Module to open the hatch door.

Inside, you find an airship. On deck two, you'll the a crew's diary. On the bridge, you'll find the Captain's Logs. You will also find the ship's control system. To take off the airship and direct it to Ganezzar you need either:

  • Use the Jellyfish Artefact and pass a skill test Lore:[9]
  • Use the mantra you learned from Teron Palace and pass a skill test Lore:[9]. You can take it off too with the Jellyfish Artefact or the mantra, plus a smaller number Lore:[7?], but the ship will crash before arriving at its destination.[1]

You can fly the airship to either Ganezzar or Maadoran. If the ship makes it, your reputation with the faction controlling that city will increase. You cannot fly to Maadoran if Ganezzar is already under siege (testing needed to determine exact point of cut off) and from that point on, which leaves flying to Ganezzar (or crashing mid journey) the only option.


  • +3 civil skill points for convincing the engineers there's nothing down there
  • +1 civil skill points for getting the doors open
  • +3 civil skill points for convincing the engineers to leave the place alone
  • +12 skill points
  • +7 House Crassus/Aurelian reputation or +(3?) Imperial Guards reputation if IG has taken Ganezzar from Lord Meru

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