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Ordu - one of the barbari nomads. They came from the east and eventually settled north of the Empire, beyond Harran's Pass.

Testimonial(s)[ | ]

Arena Master

"Barbari. The worst kind. They came from the east, raiding and pillaging. They live in large tents, like animals. I don't think they even understand the concept of towns. They live to fight and die. It's very hard to capture them alive, which is why these two Ordu cost me so damn much. Have fun, kid. They are all yours."

~ Arena Master of Maadoran

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People[ | ]

Structure[ | ]

  • Khan - Leader of the tribe
  • Lords - Warleaders - known to command up to a thousand warriors
  • Keeper of Tales - Historian of the Ordu
  • Warriors - Everyone else is a warrior

Beliefs[ | ]

  • Sky-father - Highest deity of the Ordu
  • Tngri - Powerful spirits
  • Shamans - Wielders of Magic (aka Magi); forbidden after the Great War

Famous persons(s)[ | ]

  • Bolad - A mighty hero who was honoured by the sky-father. He left with the shaman Adad to Maadoran.

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