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Out Into The Open is one of the quests for Praetor background in The Age of Decadence.

Lore[ | ]

You must lure Commander Carrinas out of the fort to give the Boatmen a chance to terminate him and his plans.

Rewards[ | ]

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Dellar
  2. Talk to Cado
  3. Talk to Carrinas
  4. Talk to Dellar
  5. Go to the inn

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Dellar
    • (hidden check) Streetwise:[3], Ask for some information that you can work with and Dellar will suggest visiting Cado
    • (hidden check) Intelligence:[7], Suggest using Sohrab pretending to be an envoy of House Aurelian to lure Carrinas
  2. Talk to Cado
    1. Go to Shanty Town
    2. Talk with Bracchus and convince him to leave Persuasion:[3]
    3. Deal with a gang in Shanty Town: You and two Thieves armed with crossbows start combat against five poorly armed Gang Members. If you failed to persuade Bracchus, you will fight against him too
      • If you killed Bracchus, you will be stopped on your way back by a Daratan Captain and five guards who will demand that you leave Teron immediately and not come back
    4. Return to Cado (Forty Thieves reputation +2)
  3. Talk to Carrinas
    • Impersonate+Etiquette=[5], "I bring greetings from my Lord Gaelius." (requires having Sohrab in custody and passing Intelligence check earlier)
      • Failure: Streetwise:[3] or Charisma:[7] to continue the conversation
      • Persuasion:[3], "That's where you're mistaken, Commander."
      • Impersonate+Streetwise=[5], "Unless you're willing to fight two Houses at the same time..." (this option is missing if you used Charisma dialogue option earlier)
    • Streetwise=[3], "I've lost faith in Lord Antidas."
      1. Streetwise=[3] or Persuasion=[3] to continue conversation
      2. Streetwise=[4] or Persuasion=[4] to continue conversation
      3. Streetwise:[4] to know, that it's better to ask for less and walk away with the money, than ask for more and end up dead (changes nothing)
    • If you failed to convince Carrinas you fight him and his guards
      1. Critical Strike, try to kill him
        • [5], Carrinas is killed
        • [4], Carrinas is injured, -30 HP
      2. Block:[3] or Dodge:[4] and Dexterity:[8] to escape, if you fail one check, you lose 20 HP, if you fail both you die
      3. Results: House Daratan reputation -5, Imperial Guards reputation set to -20, Combat +3, Prestige +1
    • "Antidas knows what you're planning." (Betray Antidas and join Imperial Guards)
  4. Talk to Dellar
  5. Go to the inn

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