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Out into the open is one of the quests in The Age of Decadence.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  1. Talk to Carrinas. Talk to Cado.
  2. Deal with the gang in shantytown.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

  1. You must lure Commander Carrinas out of the fort to give the Boatmen of Styx terminate him and his plans. Getting Carrinas out of the barracks requires an ace up your sleeve. Cado is the man to see.
  2. There is a gang in the shantytown that's giving Cado some trouble. Deal with it to do the favor of the guildmaster. (Forty Thieves reputation +2]]

Unconfirmed NPCs [1][]

  • Bracchus that you have to use [Persuasion 3] to get him to leave.
  • Decius that you can kill.