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The Outpost is one of the locations you can travel to in Act I of The Age of Decadence. It is an ancient mining facility, held by House Aurelian when you first arrive.

Quest[ | ]

The Aurelian Outpost

The Outpost Supplies (optional)

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Gain entrance to the outpost.
  2. Deal with the machine.
  3. Report to Dellar.
    • With Intelligence 7+, you can skip 1) and 2) (or only partially complete them) and suggest an alternative: convincing the local raiders to attack the Outpost.

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Gain entrance to the outpost.
    • Kill them all. See "Loot" below, +2 Combat Reputation, +4 Combat SP.
      • Attack from a distance.
      • Approach, Critical Strike:[4] to kill one, and start combat near the defenses.
    • Praetor Background: approach, ask who is in charge, and convince them to leave (also requires Streetwise+Persuasion=[7]). They will however take the Power Module with them and demand to tell Antidas that the equipment is broken. You may keep your word to gain + 1 Word of Honor or tell Dellar the truth and suffer - 1 Word of Honor penalty
    • Wait until dark and breach the palisade undetected:
      1. Sneak inside the mine (Sneak:[4]). Loot the crates and barrels before moving on to the box beside the console. Open it (Lockpick:[4]) to receive a Power Module and some ingots.
        1. You can take the Module with you, or use it to work on the machine.
        2. Slip out and return to Teron, or start a fight.
    • Approach and act as if you are Sohrab, the loremaster they are expecting.
    • Explain that you are a loremaster looking for work. Answer their questions (Lore:[3] and Persuasion:[3]). Now you can try to fix the machine or sabotage it. If you sabotage it (requires Lore:[4]):
      • Convince the guards outside to enter the mine before the explosion (Streetwise:[3]):
        • Succeed, and everybody runs inside and dies (except you!).
        • Fail, and the Decanus goes in but leaves two guards to keep an eye on you. The explosion knocks you and the guards to the ground:
          • Get up after the guards Constitution:[7] and they will kill you.
          • Get up at the same time Constitution:[8] and fight.
          • Get up before the guards Constitution:[9] and you instant-kill one, fight the other.
      • Tell them to run because the gods are angry: [unknown checks/results]
      • In either case, the machine is destroyed and the mine will not be benefiting anyone any time soon.
    • If you activate the first mode of the machine while posing as a loremaster (requires Lore:[4]), you are immediately escorted to Maadoran and presented to Lord Gaelius. Prestige +1.
  2. Deal with the machine.
    • Activate the machine's first mode of smelting with a Power Module and Lore:[4].
      • Reward: +1 Prestige
      • If you are a Praetor, you may have learned the "mantra" to use the machine from Sohrab earlier. This lowers the Lore requirement to 3.
      • If you fixed the machine without dealing with the Aurelian Guards first (either by sneaking inside or impersonating a loremaster), they will take you to Gaelius in Maadoran
        1. Decide if you want to swear fealty to Gaelius
        2. If yes, you will start the quest Darius' Tomb (Quest)
    • Activate the machine's second mod of smelting with another Power Module, Crafting:[4] and Lore:[7]. The machine is now producing Blue Steel.
      • Reward: +12 Skill Points
      • If you are a Praetor, you may have learned the "mantra" to use the machine from Sohrab earlier. This lowers the Lore requirement to 5.
  3. Return to Dellar:
    • If you activate the first mode of the machine after killing everyone, you gain 4 reputation with House Daratan and lose 3 with House Aurelian. If you have the local raiders attack the outpost, you don't lose any reputation with House Aurelian. You can activate the machine at a latter moment, if you want to spare some skill points at this time. Your skill reward for completing the mission will be the same, but you will win 75 imperials instead of 150. After you activate the second mode of the machine, you gain another 5 reputation with House Daratan and lose 2 with House Aurelian, as well as some skill points, 150 imperials and +1 Prestige.
    • If you blow up the mine, you gain +2 reputation with House Daratan but lose none from Aurelian (there are no witnesses).
    • If you sneak in, grab the Module and leave peacefully, you only gain +1 reputation with House Daratan (you have deprived the machine of power, but it is still under Aurelian control).

Tips on Killing the Outpost[ | ]

  1. Killing them yourself:
    • Killing the men outside first, then coming back later.
      • When you come back, you will find that the two remaining legionaries barricaded the entrance and armed the slaves.
        • Jump the barricade while avoiding the arrows Dodge:[5] or Block:[4]. If you fail, you lose 10 HP. Kill them.
          • Pass a check to enter the mine Perception:[8] or Traps:[3]. If you fail, you lose 20 HP and permanently lose 2 maximum HP.
    • Poison the guards before the attack:
  2. If you convince the raiders at the Bandit Camp to attack the outpost, only their leader Esbenus survives (sadly, this is regardless of whether or not the outpost is poisoned). He is wounded.

Loot[ | ]

Outside[ | ]

Inside[ | ]

Barrels Inside[ | ]

Crates Inside[ | ]

After Act II

After Maadoran, if you come back to the mine and you didn't blow it up, you need House Reputation 10 or be a Praetor to be allowed to enter the mines. If Imperial Guards have seized Teron, you can enter the mine even without enough Reputation. The machine will be running, regardless of your Power Module interaction with it. It can now be upgraded a second time to start producing Blue Steel. You are awarded 10 lbs. of Blue Steel for its upgrade.

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