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Pancratius is a preacher in Ganezzar.

You see a vigorous old man surrounded by a score of enthralled zealots. He has an overpowering presence and a booming voice that carries like that of a strict but fair parent explaining the ways of the world to his obtuse children.

Testimonial(s)[ | ]


"In the meantime, I have another proposition for you. There's a new preacher in Lowtown. I swear, they're springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Since we can't get rid of them, maybe we can make a deal with one of them. If he's willing to be reasonable, we can even help him."

"He calls himself Pancratius. He doesn't have a strong following yet, but apparently he's quite good at rousing the rabble."

~ Darganus

 on Pancratius

Location[ | ]

Lowtown, first house on the left after entering the main gates.

Quest(s)[ | ]

Noblesse Oblige