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Pavola is a Legatus of the Imperial Guards, commander of the troops in Maadoran.

An observant person could deduce much about Legatus Pavola by his rank and posting. Maadoran is the last place where troubles are expected, which means that the legatus' abilities weren't needed elsewhere, which means they weren't needed at all. At the same time, it was an important post, which could only be given to a reliable officer accustomed to carrying out orders quickly and efficiently, without ever questioning them. Finally, both the rank and the posting suggested that Pavola was a performance-oriented officer who knew how to keep his superiors happy - a trait often overlooked, yet vital for one's advancement.

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"Pavola is a fool. I heard that he was a good soldier back in the day, but that doesn't say much, does it? He's like an old guard dog. If the master gives the order, it will fight to the death without any regard for its life, but most days it just want to lie in the sun and do nothing.

~ Maseus

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