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Perception is one of the six attributes that form your Statistics.

Influences starting skill values for ranged weapons (which determines to-hit chance), determines the accuracy modifiers for all weapons and range modifiers for ranged weapons, and helps you spot things which would remain hidden otherwise. It is checked in dialogues and interactions with the gameworld.

PER score Base THC bonus Bow/crossbow/throwing bonus Total ranged bonus Critical chance modifier on special attacks
4 -10 0 -10 -30
5 -5 3 -2 -20
6 0 6 6 -10
7 5 9 14 0
8 10 12 22 10
9 15 15 30 20
10 20 18 38 30

The special attacks include:


For further info, see Critical Chance.

Difficult Checks[ | ]

This point onwards contains spoilers

Single Stat[ | ]

6 pts
Vignette (Mercenary) - Prevents Gracius from being robbed
Teron Tower Cellar - Find the secret switch
7 pts
Teron Graveyard - Find Rope with grappling hook and Climbing Hook by inspecting the dead body
Teron Palace - Find the mechanism controlling the bars
The Raiders - Visit the camp and give Dellar detailed information, thus granting the rescue success.
Gracius - Find the Grooved Sphere in his possession in either Assassin Starter Quest, Thief Starter Quest, Drifter Starter Quest or Mercenary Starter Quest
8 pts
Win Lucius' dagger - dlgAddItemlist(luciusdagger);
Feng's House - Get 10 SP Lockpick Training by inspecting the boxes
The Aurelian Spies - Find the documents
Library of Saross - You will notice a tablet hole. Insert the Grooved Sphere in the hole and extract the Surgical Kit
Darius' Tomb (Quest) - Find the door to the hidden tomb chamber. Perception:[8] or Perception:[6]+Intelligence:[8]
The Magic Jar - Find the crank. Perception:[8] or Perception:[6]+Steal:[6]
Antidas' Hoard - Allows to find the hatch
9 pts
Quintus The Veteran - Look for the armor
The Slums' well chamber - Find a vial of Dragon's Blood Extract in the debris
10 pts
Teron Palace - Examine the displays. Perception:[10] or Traps:[4]

Combined Stats[ | ]

10 pts
+Lore - Allows to forge documents in A Matter Of Proof and Linos' Gold quests