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Sky Minaret Intro

Sky Minaret Portal Gateway

The Portal System is a technological legacy from the Old Empire.

Documentation[ | ]

Finally, something interesting. It's an interpretation of a document written from the words of a blind magus. The document itself is missing, but it seems the magus attempted to explain how the 'shadowy gates' worked to a scribe assigned to him in his last days. The scribe dutifully wrote everything down and passed to his superiors for evaluation. The document gathered dust for almost two hundred years until it was discovered by an eager but overly verbose loremaster who attempted to 'make sense of the arcane'.

The interpretation leaves much to be desired but the cited passages speak of a honeycomb network and a complex system that governed it. Once activated, a gate stayed connected to the entire network but in order to transmute matter - the scribe noted that the magus said what sounded like "transmit" - it required a special permission, granted or revoked by the First of the Magi's Officium.

Components[ | ]

  • Portal Controls
  • Portal Gateways
  • Power Source

Known Links[ | ]

Location Power Source Destination(s)
Well Chamber Large Module Monastery Interior Chamber
Monastery Interior Chamber Permanent -
Inferiae Permanent Sky Minaret
Sky Minaret Large Module -
Zamedi Permanent Monastery Interior Chamber, The Temple
The Temple Permanent n/a

Gallery[ | ]