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Preacher is one of the NPCs you can find at The Imperial Forum in Teron.

The preacher is preaching for the faith of Lord Meru.

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

This point onward contains spoilers.

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Throw a stone at him
  • Talk to preacher
    • Tell him why the people aren't interested, or the Gods are busy, then [Inquire more on Gods and Meru]
      • Intelligence=[7] - "Do you not realize the consequence of your teachings, preacher? Do you not realize why the people scorn you? You would call them to war."
        1. Persuasion:[4] - "Just as they didn't allow it to come to war when the Empire fell? Perhaps, a war is part of their plan. Perhaps, the lives of mere mortals aren't all that important to the Gods' plans."
      • "I... your words have given me a lot to think about, preacher. All my life I've seen evidence that the world is hard and cruel, that the powerful get where they are by exploiting the weak. If there is another way... but I can't believe on your word alone. I need to see for myself."
    • (hidden) Intelligence=[7] - "Discard the pride, brother. Did you not just command us all to put our faith in the Gods? Stay on the path They have set for you and followers will come, in time."
      • "My name is [PC]. Until now, I hadn't realized that I've been searching for something, some meaning in life. Until I heard you speaking here, about the Gods, that is. I want to learn, brother. I want to know what the Gods want me to do with my life."
        • Leads to [Inquire more on Gods and Meru]
      • (hidden) Streetwise:[4] - "I am no one important. Just a traveller on the path, much like yourself. A more important question is: Who sent me?"
        1. Proceed to convince him of your divine path:
        2. Streetwise:[4], Persuasion:[4], Charisma:[9]