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Problem Solving is a quest that starts in the Maadoran Arena district.

Lore[ | ]

Talk to Basileios. The word on the street is that he has problems and helping people with problems is your specialty. He owns a tavern near the arena.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Reach rank of Gladiator the in Arena fights.
    Grab a Bite

    'Grab a Bite' Tavern

  2. Visit Basil, who runs 'Grab a Bite' Tavern in the Maadoran Arena district.
    1. Fight two thugs.
    2. Rest in tavern for a few days.
  3. Meeting with Quintus.
    1. He offers you payment for protection.
      Quintus The Procurer Location

      Quintus Palace

      • Accept 400 imperials as a fee.
      • Trading:[4], Ask for 500 imperials as a fee.
      • Reject - but the quest does not end and you'll get 400 imperials when you eventually save him.
    2. Check on Quintus at "Quintus Palace".
    3. Fight two thugs.
  4. Check back with Basil to end the quest.
    1. Issues the quest Down on luck.
    2. Advances the quest The Arena.


  1. Basil
  2. Quintus
    • 2 combat Skill Points
    • combat skills' training +1
    • 400-500 imperials
  3. Conclusion