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Lore[ | ]

Quest for Loremaster.
A prospector from Teron's inn offered to sell you an amulet.

He can't yet afford a comfortable stay in Teron, and offers several items for sale to earn his keep. [Hidden Check] Lore 3: After some junk items, he produces the Prospector's Amulet.

Gameplay[ | ]

Skill Checks[ | ]

  • 2 Streetwise, followed by 3 Streetwise to convince him it's just a bowl for burning incense (but it's still a fancy, gem-encrusted one).
  • Trading 3 to lower the price:
    • He wants 500g if your Streetwise fails; otherwise it's 300g. Successful Trading knocks that down - either from 500 to 300, or from 300 to 200.