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While you may set a variety of personal goals and general motives for your character in The Age of Decadence, quests are the specific missions and tasks - usually at the advice or command of an NPC - which are tracked in your Journal.

The most obvious effects of completing a quest (partially or fully) are that the player-character gains rewards such as Skill Points, money, equipment, mysterious artifacts, and/or crafting materials; other results (for success and failure alike) are less obvious or less immediately significant, such as recruitment (or rejection), promotion (or demotion), changes in Reputation, and long- or short-term effects on the plot.

Technically, the game has no "time limits". Your character may travel back and forth between most locations on the world map, over and over again, without missing a deadline or closing a window of opportunity. However, some story arcs are tied specifically to one of the game's three Acts - separated by your first arrivals at Teron, Maadoran, and Ganezzar. Therefore, if certain quests are unfinished when you first travel to Maadoran or Ganezzar (or return to an earlier city while primarily embroiled with a later city's intrigues), they will be resolved by present circumstances, without your further input. (The same goes for quests tied to a specific Act which you haven't found or started yet - you may lose the chance to start them at all.) This will usually be reflected in a warning, so you can reconsider travel if you are about to advance the plot "too soon". However, this warning will not specify which quests are at stake.

See also[ | ]

  • Vignette, the preliminary scenario that introduces the player-character to the present intrigues of Teron
  • Journal, where all active and resolved quests are recorded