The Age of Decadence Wiki

There are two basic types of reputation in The Age of Decadence:

  • Faction Reputation is a series of seven numbers which begin Act I at levels determined by your chosen Background, which are discussed in further detail on each faction's page:
  • Charisma modifies Faction reputation by multiplying the "base" amount of reputation by the percentage indicated by "Reaction Bonus" rounding down, e.g. With a "base" faction reputation of 8, a Charisma value of 6 has a Reaction Bonus of -15, which results 6.8, rounding down to a final value of 6 reputation with that faction. Note that if the Reaction Bonus is positive, it will increase positive reputation and decrease negative reputation, with the reverse holding true for a negative Reaction Bonus.
  • General Reputation is a series of six numbers representing a wide range of results you may achieve in the course of the story. Some (Loyalty, Peacemaker, Word of Honor) can fluctuate, like Faction Rep, into negative or positive levels; others (Combat and Body count) are more like 'tallies' that can only grow, never shrink. Act I begins with all General Reputation ratings at 0, no matter who your character is. Most of these are unlikely to shift as much as the Faction Reputations; some may not change at all ... depending on your choices and their consequences, of course.

General Reputation[ | ]

Body count[ | ]

Tells everyone how many people that crossed your path ended up dead and shows that you aren't squeamish when it comes to killing.

Combat[ | ]

It's not about how many lives you've taken, it's about how many times you've gone up against impossible odds and lived to tell the tale. It's the real deal.

Loyalty[ | ]

Measures ... whether or not you're the type who goes down with the ship or jumps it like a rat. Then again, some opportunities simply can't be missed.

Peacemaker[ | ]

Tells people that you prefer to seek peaceful solutions. Some people may find it very reassuring.

Prestige[ | ]

Measures your fame and influence. Are you an adventurer of great renown? An ambitious up-and-comer? Do you command respect? This stat will tell you (and other people who might be paying attention).

Word of Honor[ | ]

Measures how well you keep your word once it's given. Some people might trust you more if your word is your bond.