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Restorative Liniment

Restorative Liniment is a potion that can be created using the Alchemy skill. Heals stat penalties for [x] point(s).

Lore[ | ]

A medical ointment that is used to heal bruises and swellings.

  • Heals damage to attributes, via right-clicking.
  • Can't be used in combat.

Recipe[ | ]

Cassava root + Goldenberry
Minimum Alchemy Skill level: 4

Restorative Liniment by Alchemy Levels[ | ]

Heals stat penalties for [x] point(s).

Alchemy Effect
L4 1 pt
L5 1 pt
L6 2 pts
L7 2 pts
L8 3 pts
L9 3 pts
L10 4 pts