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Serenas is a cousin of Gaelius of House Aurelian, the only son of Gaelius' sister. Serenas resides in a villa on the Noble Homes of Maadoran. Spoiled by his mother, Serenas lacked Gaelius' ambition and willpower. He is despised by his uncle for his lack of prowess and manipulated by his uncle's enemies who see him as a puppet on the Aurelian throne.


If Lord Serenas the Victorious, the only son of Lord Gaelius' sister, had any good qualities, he hid them well. Spoiled by his mother, despised by his uncle, manipulated by his uncle's enemies, and loved by whores, who gave him the title, Serenas never had a chance to become the man his "friends" convinced him he was. He lacked ambition and willpower, which made him useless to Gaelius, but very useful to everyone who would have preferred to see a puppet on the Aurelian throne.

"You may approach," says Serenas pompously, beckoning you with a well rehearsed gesture.