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The Qantari Servants of Power are the magi of Q'antaar.

Lore[ | ]

"Their full title was 'The Servants of the Power of Creation'. An awkward phrase in your language. In native Qantari it is a single word, much more elegant, I assure you."

"For a caste who referred to themselves as 'Servants', they were rather arrogant and conceited. Not that your own Magi lacked arrogance, but the Qantari turned it into an art form." "Perhaps it was the fact that the Magi were sworn to serve the Emperor that kept them at least somewhat grounded. The Servants served nothing but their own interests, ironically."

Guardian of Zamedi

War did come, and like the army who brought it, the magnitude humbled all that came before. Men and towns burned alike and even the seas stirred with the fury of war. The sun became as night, and the moon ceased to shine.

The war continued with the passing of many years and although countless thousands had died, [...] The Q'antaari Servants of Power called upon the Gods of Chaos, who came forth like an eruption consuming the armies and fleets of men[...]

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